Sound Healing Los Cabos

Sound Healing Los Cabos we are a team of professionals dedicated to sharing the ancestral medicine of sound throughout the Baja California Sur area. We use the vibration of bronze bowls -tibetan or Himalayan-, as the main instrument of this tool -the vibration- of self-healing that allows us to reach very deep states of relaxation in a few minutes. It helps us connect consciousness with our body and its needs, harmonizing our system on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Javier Montiel Castillo

Founder of Sound Healing Los Cabos

Originally from Mexico City, he is certified sonotherapist by Institución Española de Sonoterapia (the Spanish Institution of Sound Therapy), a body backed by important European Sound Therapy organizations such as Europäischer Fachverband (registry 3301), Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellshafto (registry 12948) and The Complementary Medical Association (registry C20180927000101). His vocation of service has taken him to different cities in the Mexican Republic and abroad, offering his integrative medicine and rehabilitation service, mainly through sound and guided meditations, with successful results. During 2021 he completed the SEP Certification as Músicoterapeuta con Cuencos de Bronce (Music Therapist with Bronze Bowls) and the Elephant Bowl Community Diploma.

Power Pampa

Creative Direction of Sound Healing Los Cabos

Fátima Romo Mora

Originally from León, Guanajuato. A Holistic Therapist, certified as a Sound Therapist by SHLC (Sound Healing Los Cabos), has complemented and enriched her service to the world through techniques oriented towards Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as deep tissue massage and acupressure, among others, with certification from the SEP. Certified therapist in "El cuerpo habla," a technique endorsed by "red conocer," based on releasing energy accumulation through body pressure points. Also a certified Reiki practitioner by the Spanish Reiki Federation, these tools, combined with her love for transpersonal service and empathy, drive her to continue growing, generate well-being, and be a tool to help people find balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

Estrella Celeste Caputto

Holistic Therapist with specialization in Flower Essences and Bioenergetics. With an early interest in music and the quest for new healing tools, she trained as a Sound Therapist at Sound Healing Los Cabos. She also attended the workshop "Learning the art of the Gong" by Adi Naad, offered by the Gong Art School. Currently, she conducts sound sessions and guided meditations, seeking to integrate the benefits of this healing practice into the community. 

Elisa Noriega


Facilitate the inherent connection of each person with their essence through vibration and sound with bronze bowls and other vibratory and musical instruments, contributing to self-healing processes, aware of the use of alternative therapies that we combine to solve problems of physical, emotional and spiritual health.


To be a leading undertaking in the sound therapy service with bronze bowls and other instruments that provides attention to both the tourism sector of Baja California Sur, as well as the local and international community that resides in the area. Offer a quality and safety service, appropiate to the reality we live in, where hygiene is extremely important; we promote a NO CONTACT service while offering rest, relief, well-being, relaxation, harmony and tranquility to people. We seek to mantain a quality standard in our service already recognized by the guarantee of satisfaction, hygiene, care and efficiency that we provide.


We are governed by honesty and neatness in all our staff in service, thanks to the constant training and implementation of new and improved techniques and instruments.

The physical, emotional and spiritual health of our collaborators is aligned with what we offer, so the constant application of sessions to our staff guarantees that at the time of serving our clients they are in the best conditions, vibrating high to be able to transmit sound medicine.