Sound Healing Los Cabos

Also known as 'Sound Therapy', consists of the application of vibratory and musical instruments (including the voice) on the physical body, influencing the energy fields of the person.
In Sound Therapy we work with vibration -not only with music-, since the scientific basis of sound therapy rests on the principle of "Resonance in Empathy", this means that when a vibrating object causes high vibrations in another object, the second is leveled in its frequency and brought to an optimal state of harmony.
The entire universe is in a state of vibration, this includes the human body. Every organ, every bone, every cell and every other part of the body (and its energy field), has a healthy vibrational rate.
Through sound we can project the correct resonance frequency to the part that is sick, returning it to its normal frequency. This results in healing.

Therapeutic benefits of singing bowls:

  • They generate brain states of deep relaxation, releasing stress and physical tension.
  • They drive DNA to locate the protein it needs to reproduce, regenerate, reversing the aging process.
  • The sounds penetrate the bone parts and facilitate joint lubrication, granting mobility and flexibility.
  • At the muscular level, they activate purification processes that allow the muscle mass to return to its harmonious state.
  • It helps the bloodstream to amplify its oxygenation and stimulate its transit through the veins and arteries.
  • They help normalize blood pressure and heart rate.
  • They remove the pathological crystallized salts -or energetic blocks-, to later receive the sound information of balance, harmony and health.
  • Helps correct existing disconnections in brain microcircuits and neurotransmitters, reconnecting and activating them.
  • They increase the production of T-lymphocytes (immune system).
  • They clean the aura of negative energies, removing stagnant energies from environments and physical spaces, providing harmony and well-being.